Prophetic Word Proclaimed at the Amazing Grace Conference

February 17-19, 2017

I am flooding you with My grace, the sweetness of My presence: within you and among you.  Soak in My sweetness, beloved ones.

ACT 4:23-31
Yes, this is a day to rejoice and be glad, to celebrate the outpouring of My Spirit in your midst; to give thanks and praise for the changes in your lives from when you did not know Me or My love in your lives up to until now when we break bread together in a rich and holy communion, for lives transformed by My grace and mercy.

But yet, know this: there is more.  I have not completed by work in you.  In the midst of deepening darkness and persecution, I bring you a new outpouring of My Spirit.  To each I offer a new beginning to be My light to the world; grace to speak My word of love and mercy with boldness.  Grace to overcome barriers in your lives, to face what seems unfaceable.  Grace to renew the gifts I have given you.  Grace to love me more deeply and openly.  So, take My hand as I lead you into the light of healing and freedom to let your light shine in the darkness.  Remember: Be not afraid; there is more.


Thank Me.  Listen to My voice.  I am preparing you for the darkness ahead.  But you must listen.  [Sr. Ann Shields]

I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the First and the Last.  Who do you say that I am?
Am I first in your heart?
Will you lay down at the altar all that you have placed before Me?
Will you today abandon all for My sake?
Oh my children I long to dwell with you for all eternity.
I long to fill you with all that you so desire, but I have so much more for you than you could ever imagine.
Abandon yourself in Me.  When you lose your life in Me, you will be found.
Come to Me, My children.

Today I come in Power to you.  I bring a new beginning.  Do you feel My power?  Open your hearts; allow yourselves not to fear.  I love you!  I want to share My power with you, My love with you.  You CAN do all things through Me.  Accept Me.  Allow yourselves to let Me fill you and sustain you.

I say to you my people; your vision is too small.  You measure the future by the past and would be content for things to simply continue as they have been or, for some of you, to return to the “glory days” of the past.

But I say to you again, your vision is much too small.  For the challenges ahead will be great, but so will be the grace and power available to those who are willing to ask for it and surrender to it.  The demands will be great, but greater still will be the harvest and the rewards for those who labor for the harvest.  And so I ask you, My people, to say yes to Me, to abandon your lives completely to Me and My will, and power and love beyond anything you could ask for or imagine and you will come into the joy of the Lord of the harvest.

The Shekinah, the glory cloud of God the Father has been with us the entire conference and He wants us to ask Him for our own glory cloud overflowing with the Holy Spirit that rained down at Pentecost to guide us and work through us more readily and fully.

You who are called by My name, you whom I have redeemed and called by name have this, this one Truth settled: MY LOVE AND MY WAYS ARE ENOUGH.

Say no more: “I know you love Me Lord, yes but:
my parents didn’t love me,
my husband doesn’t love me,
my wife is difficult,
I’m lonely,
I feel forgotten.”

No more “yes, buts.”

Settle this in your minds and hearts once and for all: MY LOVE IS ENOUGH.

Remember I am in you, you are in Me.  I now live in you.  You are Mine.  Let Me increase in you.  Let go of all your “yes buts”.  Leave the past behind.  I make all things new.  Every day is a new adventure in My life and love.  Rejoice that I have called you by name and go let My light in you shine in this dark world.
Ephesians 3: 18-19

You are My glory cloud.  You are My light which I am shining on the world.  I am sending you as a light shining in the darkness, to bear My light to the world.  You are my people.  You are My light.  You are My glory cloud, shining My light to the world.

I AM calls to you.
Put out into the deep.
Go further out. Go deeper.
The storms are bigger but the catch is much bigger.
Still I AM even greater.
I AM in the storm.
I AM in the catch.
Put out into the deep.